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Hello there!

Even after years as a counselor, I struggled to cope with the death loss of my son. Developing the grief group and writing the accompanying poems for "A Counselors Poetic Guide Through the Grief Journey" helped me heal tremendously, so I decided to share it with others.  Adjusting to life with a neurological autoimmune condition has been no easy feat. Tired of the side effects of the prescription medication, I began using essential oils and hemp products to try to sooth and heal my nervous system and came up with concoctions that have done just that. Along the way, I developed an appreciation for the stage of expressive arts which has also supported my healing, so I decided to bring all of those experiences together in one place to help others live well.

The name Leena Enterprises was inspired by my most cherished people. Both my angel son Nathaniel and my mother's middle names are Lee. I added the n and a from the first two letters of my and viola!  We do Healing Things, so that's our nick name :).

Whether you receive counseling, attend a training, read my books, try the natural healing aids, or share your story on our stage, I trust that we can help you on your path! 

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Our Philosophy

In life we're bound to catch some tough blows. Sometimes they're too tough to take on alone. I work from a holistic, humanistic approach helping to empower people and bring about change and healing. Our goal is to help people develop what is necessary to walk towards health and wellness.

At Leena Enterprises, we do "Healing Things" through providing counseling and therapeutic books, offering trainings for clinicians, providing natural remedies, and offering a safe space for folks to share their stories artistically.

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