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Not So Happy New Year

We made it through the holidays and many folks feel refreshed and have renewed energy for the new year. Some of us however, may miss the distractions of family and the festivities of the holiday season. The weather may still be frightful and the expectation to be merry may still be clouding the air, but for those of us who’ve experienced significant grief this is still a time that we struggle. In addition to grief, we’re not getting as much vitamin D from the sun which provided natural energy and we’re back to work/school possibly after weeks off. The support people we relied on during our time off, are back to their responsibilities, so we go back to feeling alone, but fear not because I have a few tips to help manage this time.

1. Continue to reach out to your support system and rely on them.

Communicating and relaying on your support system will look different for everyone, so figure out what works for you.

2. Take more time off if you need to.

If you can...escape to a sunny place. While most people are getting back into the swing of things, you can take a vacation to help brighten your spirit! If you can't escape...try getting out the house to meet up with friends or family.

3. Journal

Writing is therapeutic for most, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Having a guide can help. A Counselor's Poetic Guide Through the Grief Journey is a book to help individuals heal through bereavement. As a counselor with over thirteen years of experience in grief and trauma therapy and the author of this book, I know that this is a healthy way to navigate grief.

Remember that the cold season can only last as long and the overt expectation of merriness will subside at some point....just hold on!

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